About Madzharovo

In 04.09.1974, by the order of the city council, Madzharovo has become a city. The city was named “Yatacık” as it means sanctuary and hollow in Turkish. Between the dates 1936 – 1937, the city was named as “Dupnitsa”. In 1949, the city got its final named to honour famous revolutionist Dimitar Macarov, as “Madzharovo”.

Until the dates 1913 – 1914, the city was inhabited only by Turkish people. After the Balkan War, state borders were drawn 30 kilometres southeast of the city, including Madzharovo in Bulgarian territory. Bulgarians departed from West Thracia were settled in the city, where Turkish people left.

The first people settled in the city where the Bulgarians form Pınarhisar(Bunarhisar) district of the Kırklareli city. People living in Madzharovo originated from Doğanhisar, Taftacık and Pişmen villages.

Other settlers were migrated to cities of Varna, Nessebar, Yambol and Stara Zagora due to the lack of stores, phone, communication and other connections.

The city of Madzharovo was built in southeast Bulgaria, between Haskovo hill region and Rhodope Mountains and the city occupies an area of 246,7 km², which is %4,5 of the Haskovo Region. City of Madzharovo includes 19 settlements and the city population was declared 1725 at 2016.

Madzharovo city center is located 65 km southeast of Haskovo, on the right side of the river Arda. Nearest border points to the Madzharovo are ; Kapıkule at 74 km southeast and Novo Selo at 56 km. The distance tot the capital Sofia is 295 km and the distance to the Black Sea is 200 km.

City economy mostly depends on agriculture, yet high quality products can not be produced and the European standarts can not be matched. According to the Madzharovo Municipality, %90 of the workforce occupated with the agriculture and they process small amount of lands.

Madzharovo Muncipality deals with cultural – historical resources to increase the attraction towards ecological and cultural tourism. This heritage definitely attracts guests from either Bulgaria or abroad. This kind of sustainable development at tourism creates the opportunity to revive the deserted and uninhabited part of the city.

City of Madzharovo is a blessing for the Bulgarian history experts and researchers for their studies with its archeological and historical pieces, turning city into an open-air museum.


Since early 90s, one of the priority sector of Madzharovo Municipality is alternative closed mining. First positive factor the improve the sector is a rise of demand to specialized tourism types that Madzharovo Municipality can serve. Main factor of the increase at tourism is the establishment of Nature Preservation Museum at 1994, as a part of “Bulgarian-Swiss Program”,  due to the protection of the unique beauty of the region  and to preserve biological diversity of the region.

Tourism attraction points are embossment forms, water resources and biodiversity. Beautiful edging strips are; Kulata (tower), Momina skala(girl rock), Sivridikme, Hisarya, Kovankaya, Patronkaya, Okopa and Meneka.

The most important resource to increase water tourism and fishing is the Ivaylograd Dam, which was built in the Municipal border.

The guests are mostly the people specially interested in observing vultures and accomodates in Haskovo, Kardzhali and Stara Zagora and travel to the city with Daily trips. Bulgarian tourists prefer the city for archeological monuments or short-term rests. Another potential is the green schools and open air workshops.

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