Our Activities

Since its foundation on 2007, our union is implementing projects and operations suitable for its foundation purposes. After elections held in 31.04.2014, the union assembly was reorganised and Edirne Mayor Mr. Recep Gürkan was chosen as the union president and best suitable project for the purpose of the union was prepared and started executing.

ÇED Certificate was received under Edirne Solid Waste Storage and Disposal Facility Project  first on 03/09/2014.

After the receiving the certificate, projects presented to Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation was confirmed on 26/01/2015.

As a result of the preparatory work, construction tender was held and construction work has begun after contract was signed on 23/07/2015.

After the construction of Edirne Solid Waste Storage and Disposal Facility , due to the inspections and researches, the tender of “Edirne Solid Waste Storage and Disposal Facility Management and Electric Production from Methane Gas produced in the Storage Area Rental Work for 29 years”  was held on  06/09/2017 and necessary work was completed by contractor and the Facility was opened on 03/11/2017.

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